Why I can’t Rank on Search Engine – Chinese SEO Service

Why I can’t Rank on Search Engine – Chinese SEO Service

Why I can’t Rank on Search Engine – Chinese SEO Service


The website has no ranking, no traffics! What is the purpose of making a website to find a Search Engine Optimization company? It is to get customers, get your returns from investment!  If the website does not rank for a long time, how should we analyze it?


See if your site is penalized by Google or Baidu – Vancouver SEO Specialist

Check your google search console, any warning, alter???  simply determine the website’s rights reduction. If the website shows signs of rights reduction, we need to feedback to the Baidu resource webmaster platform or google and make website rectifications based on the results. If the overall website is relatively large and the domain authorize reduction is more serious, the restoration time is about 2 months or more. If the website domain authorizes reduction is caused by small problems such as keyword stuffing, Baidu officially gives 15 days to restore the power reduction after the adjustment is completed.  Google needs to check your backlinks, AMP, duplicated content……

Index Problem

The ranking here refers to the ranking of long-tail words because the homepage cannot be filled with many words due to the word limit. We need to use content to appear more keyword rankings. If a website has traffic but is a low index rate, it may also have a ranking, but the website does not have accurate long-tail keyword rankings!

Website Bounce rate – SEO Expert Vancouver

Baidu or Google becomes more and more intelligent, it will pay more and more attention to our user experience, if the bounce rate of the website is too high, then Baidu will think that the website does not meet the browsing habits of the public, then he will rank our keywords.

Therefore, we can monitor which conditions affect the bounce rate of the website according to the statistics of Baidu, and make the bounce rate as low as possible!

In fact, a lot of analysis is needed if the website does not rank. In order to gain customers, the optimization company is very careful about each website. It is our real purpose to make you satisfied. For website SEO optimization, we are right to choose!

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