What is POD in E-Commerce – Vancouver Shopify Expert

What is POD in E-Commerce – Vancouver Shopify Expert

What is POD in E-Commerce – Vancouver Shopify Expert

POD is Print On Demand, which is a customized service.

In fact, it is very simple to make customized services, because all you have to do is to put the design drawing on an item, which can be anything such as clothes, gloves, cups, etc.

The reason why the customized service is so awesome is that you can make a special design for a certain audience group.

Shopify POD Web Design

To make it even easier to choose the best print-on-demand site for your specific needs, we’ll look at these key factors:

  • Shipping: How long does production take after a customer has placed an order? Where does the company ship from? What are its standard shipping times? How is shipping calculated?
  • Printing options: What printing techniques and customizations do they offer?
  • Unique features: Are there any unique features or offerings that set them apart from the rest?
  • Recommended for: Who is this print-on-demand solution best for?
  • Product catalog overview: What are some of the customizable products the service offers?

All of the print-on-demand companies on this list integrate with Shopify, letting you build a branded online storefront to sell your own custom products wherever your audience spends their time.

Highly custom print T-shirt’s target audience is very clear. This kind of T-shirt is specially designed for a certain audience. You can’t find this kind of product on AliExpress.

While we launched our Ads, we can write something like “custom T-shirt”, “custom print T-shirt”;  or if you have print something on the shirt already eg: My Grandpa; set your keywords such as “grandpapa gift…”  Aimed your keywords to a specific group of people.

How to create POD Shopify store? Vancouver Shopify Agency

Very simple, we can do it through a third-party website or Shopify app; such as:

  1. Printful
  2. Lulu Xpress

After installing these Shopify 3rd Party app, if someone purchases a customized product in our shop, the customer’s information will be automatically sent to these service providers, and then the service providers will start to arrange all things such as production and delivery.

POD business model is still growing in 2021, and the profit margin is huge. If you need someone to design a Shopify Website for you, Call us.



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