Website Front End Automation

Website Front End Automation

Website Front End Automation

I believe everyone has heard this term DevOps, and it looks very tall. In fact, this is a performance of the execution process of agile development. Let’s first come to a classic DevOpsflowchart:

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The specific process is: Web-Design Vancouver

  • First plan the plan, encode the code, then compile the build, and test the test( Dev)
  • Then release the release, deploy, operate and maintain, monitor ( Ops)
  • Then, when problems or new needs are discovered, the plan is re-planned. . . This cycle
    is the complete DevOpsprocess.

Let’s take a look at the detailed development environment and process and what automation can do for us:

First of all, we only focus on localhostthis part of development. The local environment can also be a packaged environment, which is connected to the development environment of the automated process, submitted to Git flow, and automatically triggered automation, according to gitThe submitted branch and information determine the automated release process. If there is a bug, you can debugcheck the specific information, then localconfirm whether there is a problem, test the fix according to the bug’s environment, and then submit it Git flow. After the release is successful, inform the debug system, and then test and verify the record. If the test is completed, close the bug.

It can be seen that the automated process only requires us to pay attention to the development of the code. As for the steps of construction, packaging, testing, and deployment, it can be completed automatically, which can reduce the workload of our later operation and maintenance.

Front-end automation – website development Vancouver

front-end-automationRefers to the process of automated construction, packaging, testing, and deployment of front-end code.

Continuous Integration (Continuous Integration) CI
Continuous Deployment (Continuous Deployment)CD

Front-end automation is usually combined with CI/CDprocesses.

Significance of automated processes

  • Reduce human error and improve software quality
  • Efficient iteration, convenient deployment
  • Fast delivery and easy management


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