Vancouver Shopify Developer – Lesson 6- Email Marketing

Vancouver Shopify Developer – Lesson 6- Email Marketing

Vancouver Shopify Developer – Lesson 6- Email Marketing

If you are selling a robot toy, what is the related product – batteries. If you are selling a desktop, what is the related products – keyboard, mouse, video card, memories; you name it.

Email Marketing – Try Sendlane

Sendlane is not cheap to subscribe; Why are some sellers willing to pay twenty or thirty dollars to get 5 dollars, 10 dollars, or 15 dollars in sales? Let’s tell you how it works.

Customers who have placed an order:  Shopify Developer Vancouver

We need to send them at least 6 emails.

  • 1st email: sent on the second day after they purchase, the email stated that we will provide them with more cool stuff; eg: discount on a specific product at date of XXX; new product come in stock in the near future…
  • 2nd email: keep introduce your new product or services
  • 3rd email: provide them a big discount; eg: 40%/50% OFF
  • 4th email: show them other discount products by using eye attractive subject; eg: ONLY $10 after discount
  • 5th email: Show them other categories of new products or existing products
  • 6th email: Ask them to share your site, and provide them coupons or store rewards…

Email Marketing Conversation Rate

Even email marketing’s conversation rate is dropped year after year, however, it is still one of the powerful tools to increase your sales. And it really depends on your subscriber database. Let’s say you have 10,000 subscribers in your Shopify Store, 10000 * 0.0123 = 123 orders more. Most importantly, email marketing can increase your customers’ loyalty.

However, it is hard to generate sales when your store is still in the baby stage due to the limit of subscribers.

Positively, some of your subscribers might share your products or website on their social media platform; which will generate more traffic to your site = more conversation rate. So, don’t always worry about whether you can make money or not at the first sales level. It is part of advertisement expenses.

Therefore, email marketing is really important to your Shopify Store.




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