Suggestions for Launching Ads On Little Red Book

Suggestions for Launching Ads On Little Red Book

Suggestions For Launching Ads On Little Red Book

Xiaohongshu – Little Red Book has changed Ads Algorithm – By reading this article it helps you branding in China’s Market

Depth Understanding of competitors’ strategy: 

Many small brands have some understanding of competitors’ products, and have also searched the content of competitors in Xiaohongshu, but have not studied their opponents’ strategy and play in depth. For example, what bloggers will be selected, what is the proportion of bloggers, the type of notes, and how much the information stream of Xiaohongshu is published every day. Competitor’s strategy research is a basic skill.

Opponent’s output ratio: 

Through the above analysis, we understand that competitors have done so well, how much time and money they have invested, and many businesses will see that competitors have done so well and told the marketer that we want to surpass. However, the investment budget is only one-tenth of the opponent’s. The opponent has been in Xiaohongshu for 2 years. This gap cannot be surpassed in a short time. 

Review – SEO agencies Vancouver

The review and summary are usually subdivided into two parts, but we merge them here. Has the target of the review plan been reached? What are the reasons for not reaching it? The blogger’s note data for reposting, including exposure, reading, and interaction. 

Little Red Book Content Control – App Development Vancouver

We rarely see a brand owner or a CEO bring his/her elite team to write unique content, yes, this does it, this brand sells more than 100 million yuan a year. It is common that many bosses or project leaders always want to throw out the content, or even leave it to interns to write. In fact, content is the most important thing. After all, to do marketing on the content platform, the core of the content has to be grasped by yourself.

Positioning – Google PPC Agencies Vancouver

Before step init, you can think about whether your account is to attract traffic, or to build an official image, or to increase followers? There is a difference between the three.  It is difficult to be compatible at the same time. The drainage is simple and rude.

Test it

If the things you come up with have not been tested by the “market”, you should not invest a lot. You must go through a small-scale test before you know whether the strategy you envision is correct. As time changes, past successful experiences may not work.

Ability to Discriminate

Bloggers average multiple likes and collect, and instant fan rises are not supported by explosive posts, how the quality of the content creation is, and whether the comments in the comment area are natural. Data is only a reference dimension, and more is to be summarized by yourself.

Choose service provider or self-delivery

You still need to know how to play around with this new platform. For example, 10-20 bloggers are posting, but they can’t take care of it later, so you need to find a service provider for assistance. The launch cooperation of Xiaohongshu is the joint work of the brand owner + service provider + blogger to complete the note placement work.


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