Sourcing Your Product Before Launch Your Shopify Store

Sourcing Your Product Before Launch Your Shopify Store

Sourcing Your Product Before Launch Your Shopify Store

What should I sell, this is a very common question that our clients ask us very often – sourcing your product

Before your E-commerce journey, the product is the key to success

Your product should be unique, and your customers are willing to pay for it.

If you only sell jeans, then it is not special. The unique point is: how affordable is the price of this pair of jeans, how good is the quality, and so on. In other words, we have to sell products from a different angle.

Just like the jeans we mentioned above, jeans are not a rare thing, but the most common product. However, we sell jeans from a special perspective. For example, 5 pairs of jeans cost 15 US dollars, which is very attractive. Such a large-scale discount activity itself has the potential to sell hot.

Products can be unique, but they can also be very broad of selling. Your main feature should be more unique, and your customers are willing to take out their credit cards to make purchases.

Of course, if you are the first person to sell a certain product, it is very simple. You can set the price, and the market’s response will tell you whether your price is reasonable or not.

For example, Weighted Blanket. In fact, YnM is not the first to enter this market, but they have done their best in marketing. There was a time when the price of the following product was around $300 in 2018, and it has dropped to $200 in 2019. If you check the current price now, you will be surprised.  Estimated sales are more than 10 million dollars annually.

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Why customer will never buy on my E-Commerce Website

Customers are generally prone to impulsive consumption of products with prices ranging from $10 to $20.

Moreover, women are more likely to consume impulsively. Of course, I am not saying that every woman is like this. I mean, if a woman wants to get something, she will buy it directly regardless of the price.

You look at those stores that are aimed at female audiences, such as fashion nova, kylie cosmetics, and other stores – consumers don’t care how much they spend.

Simple jeans with a price tag of US$120 may be bought by someone, of course, this is related to brand awareness.

Products with a price of more than $20 are not so easy to make customers impulsive consumption at a first impression. In other words, if the user sees your ad for the first time, after clicking on the ad, the possibility of making a purchase is not as high as that of the 10-20 US dollar product.

The conversion rate usually relies on the product price.

Therefore, if your product is targeted at a wide range of audiences, such as women and men, rather than a target niche audience such as bulldog lovers, the price of 10-20 US dollars can basically lay the foundation for success.

If you think about it, from 2000 to 2005, there might not be so many advertisements, and Facebook (founded in 2004) did not exist yet. At that time, the user may buy the product while they see the ad.

But now, the user may not click when seeing the advertisement just like what we do and keep browsing other content, even they see you display ads keep scrolling with the content; they will just ignore it.

So we have to spend more advertising costs on designs and display more on different platforms – finding the touchpoint for the end-users, which means that our profit margin will be compressed. Therefore, we have to find a balance point and a relatively low contact point for impulsive consumption.

However, touchpoints are impossible to measure. But, we can measure its CTR, expressing rate… If your ads CTR is low, highly suggest you to switch your ads title, design, and description…

Sourcing Your Products For Shopify If you don’t know what to sell: Shopify Expert Vancouver

  1. Go to Aliexpress.com
  2. Type your any product name; of course, there is always something you would like to sell; if still don’t have any ideas, you need some 3rd party plugin to help you to make a further product analysis
  3. Hit sort by order – Sourcing Products for your E-commerce Website
  4. If the product gets a very good selling number, that means the market needs this kind of products
  5. Look at the seller’s review, just like what we do on Amazon
  6. Compare the price between Aliexpress and eBay
  7. Using some 3rd party tools to provide you more accurate data

No matter what you going to sell, you need to set the ads budget before you launch your Shopify website online.

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