Shopify Web Designer Vancouver – Shopify Development Lesson 5

Shopify Web Designer Vancouver – Shopify Development Lesson 5

Shopify Web Designer Vancouver – Shopify Development Lesson5

Menu Settings – After logging in to the Shopify backend, click Online store–>Navigation on the left :

Shopify Menu Setting Vancouver

We are not going to talk about this in detail, you need to spend time to get familiar with it.

How to set up the domain on Shopify? Web Design Vancouver

  1. You can simply purchase the domain from Shopify or you can go to godaddy.com and get a domain, and transfer your domain from Godaddy to Shopify – just following Shopify’s instructions while you log in to your Shopify backend – simple and easy. How to set up your domain on Shopify
  2. Store Info – you can set your store information through Shopify Backend – Setting (On the lower-left corner)Shopify Store Setting
  3. The store address is critical, if you are running a small business, or working from home, strongly recommend you to buy a virtual office address. Virtual Office Address For Shopify Store
  4. Other Store setting such as Gift Card, Files, Sale Channels… you got to play around with it; however they are quite simple

Shopify Payment Setting:  Shopify App Development Vancouver

The payment method support countries are such as Australia, Canada, Germany, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong Special Administrative…

You have to submit bank information, EIN (Employer Identification Number), average order price, average order delivery time, etc.

Basically briefly describe what product you are selling. It is recommended not to mention the word dropshipping in it, just tell Shopify that you have a supplier. Because the word dropshipping may cause some unnecessary trouble.

The Statement Descriptor here can write the name of your store, which will appear on the customer’s bank statement.

The legal name of the business will not appear on the customer’s bank statement.

Payment authorization: The customer paid, whether to manually fetch or automatically obtain the order payment.

If you are a new store, then the default selection is to obtain it manually. If you choose to obtain payment manually, if the customer pays for the order with a credit card, then you must go to the background to manually click to obtain payment.

Therefore, choosing automatically obtain payment for orders, so that you do not need to manually obtain payment one by one.

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