Shopify Shop Expert – Design Lesson 3

Shopify Shop Expert – Design Lesson 3

Shopify Shop Expert – Design Lesson 3

As a Shopify store owner, you must always think about the question “There are so many sellers, why do customers order from your store instead of others?”

In fact, there are three points worth noting about your website: Trust, Urgency, and Security. 

As a seller, you should think about these issues when you design your store at the beginning. A good store often allows consumers to quickly build trust while feeling a sense of urgency and security.

In the process of designing the store, to achieve this effect there. Three elements are important: theme, page, navigation

Establish Trust 

Generally speaking, the first 7 seconds of a customer’s first visit to your store will determine whether they trust you.

Therefore, it is best for your store to present a professional, transparent, and authoritative image, and to build trust in a short time. The following points need to be noted :

  • Create a professional logo and store design
  • Publish high-quality content
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social accounts to let others like and share

Continuously create a sense of urgency

Nowadays, a large number of e-commerce companies are available online. There is no absolute reason for others to buy your things.

How can customers choose you? At this time, the sense of urgency and scarcity is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently plan some promotional activities with countdown reminders.

Create an atmosphere where time is tight and products are scarce to stimulate consumption.  Taking advantage of this psychology can greatly increase the conversion rate.

How should I do it? For example, when you are doing a promotional activity, you say that a certain product will soon be off the shelf. Even if you want to re-upload in the future, you should take the product off the shelf after a while.

By doing so can create a sense of urgency, and fully demonstrate your integrity, so that customers can easily have a good impression of you and build trust more easily.

The easiest is to install a countdown app, every minute will make you think of your favorite product, the discount is about to end, hurry up and pay for it, as shown below:

Shopify App Developer

Website security is important – Shopify Website Design

Internet fraud incidents have been emerging in an endless stream, and most consumers are very cautious about personal financial information. Therefore, it is very important to create a safe and reliable payment page and website.

Not only do consumers attach great importance to this point, search engines are also the same, which will affect the ranking of the website.

The following points can help ensure the security of the website :

  • Install and register the security system
  • The WordFence plug-in is free but powerful
  • Convert the website to an HTTPS server – Shopify Already have the auto-convert

For example, the following icons are all familiar to us, Shopify Security

Pay attention to existing customers

Existing customers who have continuous orders are very important to any industry. The same theory can apply to e-commerce. You must ensure that you can provide long-term services so that you can gain customer stickiness.

Customers who can continue to place orders have a certain degree of loyalty, which means you can try to expand your business because with the support of old customers, you can have a stable source of funds.

When promoting, we must ensure the quality of the product and the customers can benefit from it.

Plan promotional activities

Any opportunity to engage in promotional activities should be cherished. Because this is an excellent time to stimulate consumption and increase sales.

Especially when there are new products on the market, you must seize the opportunity. E-commerce is the development trend of the future, and you should think in place and prepare for everything in the early stage of entrepreneurship.

Attention to Design – Shopify Developer

There are 3 very important elements when designing a store: Pages, Navigation, and Theme.

  • Basic Pages: About, Contact, FAQ, Blog, Shop, Home…
  • Navigation: Menu, Mega Menu
  • Theme: Shopify Premium theme, or 3rd party theme; not suggest to used FREE Theme


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