SEO is way more than just Backlinks and Blogs

SEO is way more than just Backlinks and Blogs

SEO is way more than just Backlinks and Blogs

Many SEO agencies think creating more backlinks and updating articles is an indispensable work in optimization. No, SEO is more than that!

Creating backlinks and article post is only part of SEO Work. In fact, SEO optimization is far more than simply posting links and updating articles. Let’s discover this further.

Why do you think that SEO is all about creating backlinks and updating articles?

It is not just SEO novices. Many so-called SEO veterans will be confused. What is more confused is: “The website has basically been optimized where everything is done. There is nothing to do except post links and update articles every day.” In this type of situation, especially after a series of Baidu and Google algorithm adjustments, many people seem to have little hope for SEO. In fact, there is no in-depth understanding of the real SEO technology at all.

SEO is far more than what you thought before, and the scope and ability of SEO are far more than what everyone did before. Posting links and updating articles is very basic work for SEO. SEO is not fun to do at all.

Insistence leads to giving up. In fact, we should not underestimate the issue of external links and update articles. It is not a simple matter to post a high-quality external link. It also requires a lot of time and investment to update high-quality content.

Keywords Analysis – Chinese SEO Expert Vancouver

For those keywords that are not very competitive, and low search volume, yes, you can rank them high on Google or Baidu easily. However, for high competitive keywords, you need to study your competitor’s strategy: content marketing, high-quality backlinks, images……

On-page Optimization

We should also be focused on internal links, discover the hot topic nowadays to enrich your content marketing, mining the potential needs of users, and the development of diversified traffic. Wait, there are too many, so I wouldn’t go into too much detail here. You need to keep thinking and exploring the process of SEO practically.

SEO is a work that pays great attention to details. We must continue to explore new knowledge, tap more potential needs of users, understand how to optimize the website from the perspective of user needs, and persevere. , In order to bring traffic to the website, be recognized/index by search engines, and get a better ranking.


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