Reviews App on Your Shopify Store – Vancouver Shopify Design

Reviews App on Your Shopify Store – Vancouver Shopify Design

Reviews App on Your Shopify Store – Vancouver Shopify Design

Keys for your Shopify Conversion: Product Title, Descriptions, and Review App

Product Title: Shopify Expert Vancouver

The product title should be simple and clear so that customers know what it is at a glance, nothing more, no need to go into details.

Let’s say you are selling poker cards. So our title is very simple: Poker Cards. There is no need to add some superfluous words at the end, which is not good for SEO. All we have to do is simply explain what the product is.

If you want to add a brand name to the title, for example, your brand is XX, then the title can be like this: XX™ Poker, which may look more professional. (The TM logo in the upper right corner of XX is typed in this way. 

If you want to do any promotional activities, you can also add the activity content after the title, such as 50% OFF, or Xmas Sale…

Product Description: Shopify Web-Design

Be concise, go straight to the topic, and state clearly what product it is and what it does, that is, what goals can be achieved for customers.

For example, customers buy my teeth whitening kit because they want their teeth to be white and beautiful. Why do customers want to whiten their teeth? We can write these contents in the product features and product advantages.

The content clarifies the characteristics of the product and the benefits that the product can bringTake this tooth whitening product as an example. The product’s characteristic is that it can achieve the teeth whitening effect within 10 minutes. The benefit that can be brought to customers is to make your appearance look great.

You can add some animations or videos to display the productThe more information you provide to potential customers, the better. Under normal circumstances, customers need to contact your brand several times before they can trust and buy your products.

But if you give as much information as possible, it will be easier for potential customers to make a purchase decision, and your products will sell faster.

You can think about it in another way. If you are a consumer and you want to buy a product, the more information you have about the product, the faster you can decide whether to buy it.

In the description, you can use pictures of some customers using the product, try not to use large paragraphs of text in piles.

Of course, it really depends on what kind of products you are selling. 

But always put this in mind: the description should be concise and clarify the features and benefits of the product. If possible, provide more information for your potential customers. 

Review App:

Comments and social proofs have a great impact on the conversion rate because other potential customers want to know if others have actually purchased, and at the same time, they can increase their trust in the product —>>>your Shopify site as well. Therefore, we must make good use of comments and social proof.

Comments and social proofs

However, one review app is good enough; we need to encourage our customers to leave positive reviews.

The Review App on Shopify is kind of your fixed cost on your store. Must-Have it.



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