Remarketing For Shopify Site – Richmond Shopify Expert

Remarketing For Shopify Site – Richmond Shopify Expert

Remarketing For Shopify Site – Richmond Shopify Expert

Remarketing is one of the best ways to get traffic, and it can also generate the highest ROI. Advertising has the best return on investment.

Many marketing experts believe that building remarketing lists is not as important as mailing lists. However, I personally believe that building a remarketing list is as important as building a mailing list. The two can actually complement each other.

Problems we faced while doing Remarketing – Vancouver SEO companies

  1. New Shopify website, no traffic at all, how can I build the remarketing list?
  2. After creating the remarketing list, what can I do?

remarketing your Shopify Store

Remarketing refers to a group of people who have seen your specific product via your youtube videos, websites, clicked your display ads… For example, you can create remarketing lists for audiences who have watched your Youtube videos, or you can create remarketing lists for audiences who have visited your website. Marketing list. We can do remarketing based on much different content, not limited to audiences who have visited your website.

The audience in the remarketing list has already expressed interest in you and your brand, but it does not mean that they will definitely make a purchase. You must understand this. These audiences are just showing interest.

Generally, when we advertise to the public, we want to say that the same person can see your ad several times over and over again. But if we do remarket, you don’t have to. All you have to do is to divide this group of interested audiences into a new group, and then we will target them in the advertisement.

The audience size in the remarketing list can be divided into different sizes. For example, the audience who clicks on the ads is more popular than those who purchase.  The size of the audience who purchases is the smallest but they are the best performer.

Level 1: Audiences who have watched video ads belong to custom audiences or remarketing lists: watched the video.
The second level: the audience who clicked into your store through video ads: Clicks audience
The third level: the audience of additional purchases.
The fourth level: the audience purchase, and repeat purchased…

Note: You need data for your remarketing list; let the ads run a while first, once you collect enough data on your site, you can start to create your remarketing list. 

How to create a remarketing list? Shopify Design

First, we must use interest targeting to advertise or obtain ordinary traffic through other means. We want to create ads to target the audience’s interests. Once they see your video, click on your ad or enter your website, you can start creating remarketing lists.

The following is a descending order of my different remarketing lists, from top to bottom:

  • Website visitors (with purchases), few people, standing at the top of the pyramid.
  • Website visitors (initiate checkout).
  • Website visitors (browsing product pages).
  • Browse ads and watch videos
  • Browse your social platform profile

Therefore, to create a remarketing list, you must have enough traffic data to investigate. 

If someone browses your personal profile, then we can group these audiences who browse your personal profile data into a remarketing list. Why would you browse your personal information? It may be that you advertise on Instagram, and when they click on your INS account to see your personal information.

After users read your profile, they click on your website to browse the product; then they add it to the shopping cart; finally, they make a purchase. 

Once we have enough, we can create some new Ads to attract a specific group of consumers; make some headlines as We know you need a Web designer; 50% OFF just for you…

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