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Beauty Talks App Development & SEO

Beauty Talks App Development & SEO

Beauty Talks App Development & SEO

Beauty Talks (Meili) is a Chinese white-collar female fashion consumer brand. It currently has more than 100 million female registered users, 58.3% of which are young white-collar workers aged 23-30, and more than 75% of users have a monthly household income of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan (RMB)

App Feature: Web Development Service

Shopping baby
They are 24 hours of hottest community item recommendations, awesome baby sharing, and a wealth of fashion information. Come and visit the baby, create fashion with 6 million beauty lovers, share fashion, fine fashion, and catch up with the trend; share shopping fun, record your fashion diary, practice fashion, and beauty, and be the most beautiful yourself.

Flip a magazine
Looking through magazines is a fashion gathering place for people who love beauty. No matter what type of girl you are, no matter what little hobbies you have, you can accurately return to the team in Beauty Talk Magazine. Embrace your liking, and share the pretty secrets with your sisters. The sweet MM of love is here. Here we will collect and organize magazines: “Dream of the Princess”, “Sorority of Sweet Sisters”, “The Most Love Bowknot, “Student Girl Concentration Camp” and so on. These magazines will emerge in front of every beauty lover in different categories with the latest layouts and latest formats. It will promote and spread beauty from different angles and sides. In the small world of these styles, like-minded MMs are here to share the beauty that belongs to you, waiting for you to create it~~~~

Match show
Here, everyone is showing off their beautiful dresses and online shopping babies, recording the beautiful day of those who love beauty! Beauty is actually not just a simple crazy shopping. If you want to be pretty, you have to know how to be beautiful, and here is the best place for you to appreciate the beauty and learn beauty. Here can teach you how to make your clothes more reasonable. , More fashionable and more attractive.

In Meili Talk, there are some old members who have rich experience and extensive knowledge of their own, which can be said to be representative. They are well-known beauty and makeup experts, clothing collocation experts, fashion bloggers, popular beauty anchors, etc. They are beautiful spokespersons. This is a gathering place for people from all walks of life to pretend to be beautiful, and girls who actively share their beautiful scheming and online shopping experience, pay attention to them and have zero time difference with beauty.

Welfare Agency
Here, registered users of Meili Talk can enjoy the opportunity to try it on for free. Trials of fashionable and trendy products are conducted twice a week, including clothes, accessories, and beauty and skincare products. Users who submit a trial application have a chance to get a trial opportunity. Users who are lucky enough to have a trial opportunity submit a trial report after the trial, which can provide other girls with more references and suggestions.

Group buy
There are limited free trial opportunities, and Meili said group buying provides more fashion items for those who love Meili. Merchants can come here to recommend products. The high-quality fashion products selected by Meili Talk will form a group purchase here, giving fashion MM more high-quality choices, and the price sale is not discounted.

Good shop
Want as a fashion Daren, will see will buy will have to wear a beautiful selection of fashion MM say their private houses recommendation, integrated beauty shop Top100, provide guidance for shopping who love beautiful. Meili Talk also sorts out the selection of shops in a thoughtful manner, so that it is convenient to accurately recommend excellent shops. MMs who want to shop online can choose according to their favorite styles and highlights.

App Achievement: Custom IOS App development Vancouver

In the AppStore’s ranking of free social applications, Meili Talk has surpassed WeChat to become the second-largest social application and has surpassed WeChat and other popular applications. Meili said the new version of the iPhone client was downloaded 500,000 times in 10 days and received 2,458 praises, 99% of which are five-star ratings.

Encountered in the App Store’s All-China boutique focus-the latest third, the seventh most popular, the top three social free apps, and the thirteenth place for all free apps. At the same time, it was recommended by 91 Mobile Assistant and WeChat as a must-have app for installation.

Meili Talk was selected in the 2011 iTunes Rewind
  • In November 2011, Beauty Talks is the daily traffic of the mobile client exceeded 10 million, and the growth rate was a year and a half on the PC side.
  • In December 2011, in the 2011 China Regional Apps and Games Ranking (iTunes Rewind) announced by Apple December 2011
  • Beauty Talks was the iPhone client ranked fourth in the social category, following Sina Weibo and QQ.
  • In addition to the main APP, Beauty Talks has also successively launched several subdivided and fashionable vertical-style APPs. Among them, the Mengwu series APP has been paid attention to and imitated by industry peers.
Mini Mobile Office App Development

Mini Mobile Office App Development

Mini Mobile Office App Development – IOS App

APP features: 

The core product modules are all independently built, fully interoperable, and coordinated with each other to build the best user experience. Full use of mobile internet technology (location, voice, camera, video, etc.), powerful mobile product experience and functions, seamlessly connect to the computer side and achieve full coverage of work scenes. 

Convenient and smooth communication

Enterprise letter
Communicate at any time, keep historical chat records and files permanently; publish group announcements, and members can see them in time. 
Mail anytime, anywhere to add internal and external contacts within the enterprise; new mail reminders, important mails will no longer be missed. 
Conference call
Connecting to more than 200 countries and regions, you can enjoy high-quality real-time audio and video calls no matter where you are. [2]
Ensure that work notifications are delivered in a timely manner, increase the attention of employees, and make it clear what has been read or not. 
Provide a shared learning space within the enterprise, promote communication between employees, and create a business atmosphere. 

Efficient and standardized management

Customize approval forms and procedures for reimbursement, leave, purchase, etc., and submit, inquire and retrieve at any time. 
Employees initiate general reports, daily reports, weekly reports, and monthly reports, and both mobile phones and computers can approve and guide. 
Set the time and location of check-in, use mobile phone positioning, Wi-Fi, and other combinations to complete the attendance. 
Employees have a comprehensive grasp of the attendance status of leave, business trips, fieldwork, and attendance, and work hours are calculated with ease. 

Collaboration in place

High-level management methods for organization and collaboration, support for custom forms, multitasking, etc., to facilitate statistics and control progress. 
From task release, tracking, collaboration to archiving, complete records, discover and improve problems at any time. 
Conference assistant 
Book meeting rooms, associate schedules, improve meeting organization efficiency, and efficiently manage meeting room resources. 
Set up an alarm clock to arrange work, meetings, and receptions in an orderly manner, without missing every key link. 
Control file data access at different levels, and support various file preview, upload, move, copy, save and share. 

Digital and intelligent

Smart briefing
The newly launched business intelligence service provides data support for managers’ decision-making operations. Based on company operations and big data operations, it automatically identifies operational risks and abnormalities and pushes summary reports in a timely manner. Allow managers to quickly make correct judgments. 
voice assistant
The micro-office client supports voice conversations, and the micro-mirror upgrades the intelligent office assistant to realize two-way interaction between man and machine, and complete work creation processing between words! Help you quickly deal with work content and answer office questions. Ask it anytime, anywhere.
Mushroom Street Fashion App Development

Mushroom Street Fashion App Development

Mushroom Street Fashion App Development

Mushroom Street (Mogujie) is an e-commerce website focusing on fashionable female consumers. It is a fashion and lifestyle destination. Through various forms of fashion content and other fashionable goods, people can enjoy the shopping experience while sharing and discovering fashion trends

1. Content – App Development Vancouver

The new homepage of Mogujie presents a large amount of professional fashion content in the form of a waterfall. Part of this professional content comes from the official content team of Mogujie, which itself has the MCN attribute of multi-channel matrix distribution and content creation capabilities. 

2. Live broadcast – Chinese SEO Service

In March 2016, Mogujie launched a live broadcast. At the bottom of the live broadcast room, a shopping bag was added. After the user clicks on it, they can see the SKU launched in the live broadcast room, and can directly add to the shopping cart, or directly click to buy immediately.
After the user buys it, there will be a sign that they have already chopped their hands; in addition, the WeChat live broadcast applet is launched, and users can share the product with friends while watching the live broadcast.

3. Community – Google HK Optimaztion

In the new homepage of Mogujie, the importance of content is magnified. Except for the e-commerce category navigation at the top of the homepage, the rest are three content sections, including live streaming portals, fashion content, and celebrity communities new version of the APP has a “dynamic publishing” button to provide an entrance for users to share content spontaneously.


MOGU STUDIO collects fashion boutiques from online and offline channels, provides external shooting services, and provides “soft services” for the production of fashion content. In STUDIO, there is a fashion modeling team and a photography and camera team.
It can provide fashion blessings and cooperate with talents in content creation. 
1. Women’s fashion e-commerce
Mogujie integrates existing resources, including e-commerce, communities, celebrities, content, etc., to serve different female users. By driving the upgrade of the back-end supply chain, providing products for women, by creating an ecological chain of influencers, introducing fashionistas, etc., while providing goods and content, conveying an independent and fashionable female attitude to meet the consumer needs of female users 
2. Mini Program E-commerce
Many small programs such as Mogujie bring a lighter and smarter user experience to hundreds of millions of users on WeChat every day.
Through small programs, businesses can connect with consumers. Through small programs, merchants can connect consumers more accurately. At the same time, based on the ability of big data analysis, content push and social relationship chain support, it is better in stimulating repurchase and improving conversion results 
3. Empowering businesses
Mogujie will invest more costs and provide more capabilities and services in front-end shopping guides. Merchants should order goods, brands, packaging, etc., and do what a brand wants to do.
Three, fashion technology