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Bring American Brand To China Tmall – Boost Your Sales

Bring American Brand To China Tmall – Boost Your Sales

Bring American Brand To China Tmall – Boost Your Sales

Why you Tmall on E-Commerce? Tmall is the Biggest E-commerce platform in China.

When the establishment of the company is new or the brand is new, making sure you meet all of the requirements Tmall. If you want to settle in Tmall, try to have the qualifications of a general taxpayer. In this case, the pass rate will be higher, but the merchants applying for settlement do not have to operate by themselves, You can find a resident company to help you perform remote operations. Generally, the resident companies with a rich experience. They have their own dedicated brand team and other teams required by other links to take charge of the entire resident process.

But you should also pay attention when looking for companies to settle in because the market is mixed, there will be a variety of companies and institutions, and the levels are uneven. Aidianjia has been on Tmall for eight years and has a wealth of experience and bright resumes. It has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses successfully settle on Tmall. A professional intellectual property team and the brand team will improve your brand, a professional investment team will master the outlets of Tmall’s entry, and a dedicated service team will be responsible for the entire process of your entry.

ChinaSeoService.com promises not to leave you behind; and has up to eight years of experience in entering the store. The professional team also has rich experiences to promote your brand in China, so you can feel relieved to come to us to settle in Tmall.

Case Study: A health product company in New York is on the waiting list to Tmall

Bring American Brand To China Tmall - Boost Your Sales

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

When we build a mobile website, we need to clearly understand the purpose of our mobile website, and then we can decide what kind of mobile website we want to build. The construction of mobile phone websites is divided into three categories: feature phone websites, visual effect mobile websites, and information websites. Different interface designs produce different actual effects. Brand image is the core element of website page construction. Therefore, webpage construction must first aim at attracting customers and establish a brand image. Express the website’s characteristics, design style, color matching, web page layout, etc. by means of plastic art. Everyone likes good-looking things, so who would hate a beautiful web page?

Content Marketing – Local SEO Service Vancouver

Content Marketing – Local SEO Service Vancouver

Content Marketing – Local SEO Service Vancouver

Local SEO Service Vancouver - For Grocery Market

Content Marketing Strategy – Search Engine Optimization Service Vancouver
① Hot content: that is, the search volume increases rapidly within a certain period of time, and the popularity and attention are rising.
② Time-sensitive content: Time-sensitive content refers to the content with the highest value in a certain period of time.
③ Real-time content: Real-time content means that the content fully shows what is happening at the moment.
④ Persistent content: Persistent content means that the content of the content does not change over time, and the content is not subject to timeliness no matter what time period it is.
⑤ Program content: Program content is program content that has a certain logic and conforms to the marketing strategy.
⑥Practical content: Practical content refers to the content produced through continuous practice of the rich experience accumulated in the actual combat process.
⑦Promotional content: Promotional content refers to the marketing content generated by promotional activities within a specific period of time. The value of promotional content is often reflected in improving the company’s faster promotion of products and enhancing the corporate image.
App Project

App Project

The first step: clarify the demand analysis + function of the product

This is the most basic first step. We need to make sure that we or our customers really want to develop apps. Second, we need to know what kind of App we want to develop. Therefore, we should first conduct a detailed design and demand analysis of the product. After the design, demand analysis, the company’s overall operating strategy, and the actual situation of user needs, the main functions of the application product are finally determined, and a specific implementation plan is formulated.

Step second Step: APP product UI+interaction design

UI design and interaction design are the initial product design started by the design team after the product manager has formulated a specific implementation plan. Ideally, UI design and interaction design are two teams with different functions. Therefore, generally speaking, UI design is responsible for the overall design of the App interface, interaction design is responsible for various page jumps, and the completed design prototype is submitted to the development team for development.

The third step: development and design + test link

After the development team obtained the prototype of the design team, they developed application products for the two platforms according to different application systems, iOS, and Android.

Of course, if you use App Parkyou don’t need any programming technology at all. You only need to select the functional modules you need on the App Park platform, such as graphic videos, map positioning, membership points, classified search, product shops, and transactions. Payments, community forums, etc., through jigsaw type layout, you can make apps online, and directly generate dual-version apps for Android and Apple iOS. Because all the functional modules of the platform are well-developed, there is no need for technical testing. use.

New version update – Maintenance

Multi-dimensional version management support synchronous or asynchronous management of iOS and Android versions, and process development and version management in the console to make the version concept clearer
Incremental update: Updates can be made in the app without resubmitting to the App Store, making App version iterations more efficient close invalid Version One-click closes the version that is invalid or contains major bugs, allowing users to quickly skip the upgrade of the problem version or force users to upgrade this version