Mushroom Street Fashion App Development

Mushroom Street Fashion App Development

Mushroom Street Fashion App Development

Mushroom Street (Mogujie) is an e-commerce website focusing on fashionable female consumers. It is a fashion and lifestyle destination. Through various forms of fashion content and other fashionable goods, people can enjoy the shopping experience while sharing and discovering fashion trends

1. Content – App Development Vancouver

The new homepage of Mogujie presents a large amount of professional fashion content in the form of a waterfall. Part of this professional content comes from the official content team of Mogujie, which itself has the MCN attribute of multi-channel matrix distribution and content creation capabilities. 

2. Live broadcast – Chinese SEO Service

In March 2016, Mogujie launched a live broadcast. At the bottom of the live broadcast room, a shopping bag was added. After the user clicks on it, they can see the SKU launched in the live broadcast room, and can directly add to the shopping cart, or directly click to buy immediately.
After the user buys it, there will be a sign that they have already chopped their hands; in addition, the WeChat live broadcast applet is launched, and users can share the product with friends while watching the live broadcast.

3. Community – Google HK Optimaztion

In the new homepage of Mogujie, the importance of content is magnified. Except for the e-commerce category navigation at the top of the homepage, the rest are three content sections, including live streaming portals, fashion content, and celebrity communities new version of the APP has a “dynamic publishing” button to provide an entrance for users to share content spontaneously.


MOGU STUDIO collects fashion boutiques from online and offline channels, provides external shooting services, and provides “soft services” for the production of fashion content. In STUDIO, there is a fashion modeling team and a photography and camera team.
It can provide fashion blessings and cooperate with talents in content creation. 
1. Women’s fashion e-commerce
Mogujie integrates existing resources, including e-commerce, communities, celebrities, content, etc., to serve different female users. By driving the upgrade of the back-end supply chain, providing products for women, by creating an ecological chain of influencers, introducing fashionistas, etc., while providing goods and content, conveying an independent and fashionable female attitude to meet the consumer needs of female users 
2. Mini Program E-commerce
Many small programs such as Mogujie bring a lighter and smarter user experience to hundreds of millions of users on WeChat every day.
Through small programs, businesses can connect with consumers. Through small programs, merchants can connect consumers more accurately. At the same time, based on the ability of big data analysis, content push and social relationship chain support, it is better in stimulating repurchase and improving conversion results 
3. Empowering businesses
Mogujie will invest more costs and provide more capabilities and services in front-end shopping guides. Merchants should order goods, brands, packaging, etc., and do what a brand wants to do.
Three, fashion technology

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