Making a Perfect TikTok Video – Richmond SEO

Making a Perfect TikTok Video – Richmond SEO

Making a Perfect TikTok Video – Richmond SEO

With the rise of mobile short video platforms such as Tiktok, many people are also eager to publish videos.

A few days ago, I published a dry article “8 audio and video editing tools, awesome operations are all in use!”, but some people complained about the troublesome computer editing video.

Xiao Gongju made a mobile phone video editing APP strategy, selected the 12 most popular mobile phone editing software on the market, and evaluated these APPs from various aspects such as function, cost, and so on.

Due to the length of the guide, it is divided into two parts, and this article is the first half.

1. Cut Screen – SEO, PPC Service Richomond

It is the editing software officially launched by Douyin. The first advantage is that there is no on-screen advertising.

There are 5 menus in total: Edit, Cut Same Style, Creative Academy, News, and Mine. The first interface to open the software is: “Cut the same style”.

The “Cut the same style” interface not only has recent hot topics but also recommended topics. In addition to following and recommending, the videos are divided into 16 categories. You can choose the type you want to cut. It is more convenient to choose a template in the category.

There are three sections in the “Edit” page, “Start Creation”, “Shooting” and “Edit Draft“.

“Starting to create” is to directly edit the material that already exists on the mobile phone. At the same time, it also provides a material library. There are a total of 134 materials in the material library.

You can take photos and videos in “Shooting”. There is a 3 or 7-second countdown, and the countdown can also be turned off; there are 6 options for shooting size; style filters and beauty can also be added when shooting.


2. Snapshot – App Development Richmond BC

As the official editing software launched by Kuaishou, it has many similarities with cut-and-video. There are 4 interfaces in total: creation, template, popular, and mine.

There are also no open-screen ads. There are popular searches and template categories. In addition to recent and popular, there are 22 other template categories.

“Top Hot” actually teaches you about video editing. There are also three sections in “Creation”, editing, shooting, and projects. There are two hidden functions in the upper right corner: text video and video frame insertion.

Text video can convert video or real-time recording into the text; video frame insertion can improve the smoothness of the video with one key.

The market segment and usage amount are also marked under the copy, which saves time for screening the templates you need.

There is no follow and comment and how to cut the video. You can’t shoot after using the template. You can only choose the material already on the phone.

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