Launch Your Shopify Store on Tiktok

Launch Your Shopify Store on Tiktok

Launch Your Shopify Store on Tiktok

TikTok US shopping cart is finally here! I have to say that the recent hot topic in the cross-border industry is not only TikTok, and TikTok-related products are also topical.

The shopping cart is somewhat different from the small yellow cart. After the shopping cart function needs to verify the qualifications, bind to front-end TikTok account, and the TikTok account has the product window and short video trailer.

The first step to applying for a US shopping page is to open a TikTok For Business account, which is a Tiktok advertising account (similar to Facebook and google ads), and the second is to meet the advertising qualification.

The current application requirements require:

1. Company business license

2. Shopify stand-alone station, other self-built stations are temporarily unavailable~

3. Open an account with a TikTok advertising account and apply for American qualifications, that is, open an account and apply for a novice village or whitelist.

4. Recharge the advertising account, starting at $500.

key emphasis:

1. As TikTok products continue to upgrade, the application qualifications will be different. If you want to know the specific and latest news, you can add a small editor consultation.

2. The US shopping cart function is newly launched. There are certain thresholds for application, and the pass rate is low.

Two changes brought by Shopify:

1. Short video trailer function

Before the short video is released, click Add a link to add a product link in the product window, and add a shopping cart guide plug- into the video page. Consumers click on the checkout in the link of the shopping cart, and they are automatically redirected to the shopping page of the independent station.

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2. Product window function

After Tiktok announced the expansion of its cooperation with Shopify on August 24, the appearance of independent station links on TikTok has always been the form of clicking on the link to jump. Now, TikTok has designed a shopping icon entry for independent links, and the account has added a product window function, and a variety of products can be displayed on the TikTok profile page.

Customers can browse the products, click on the product link, and also use the checkout form to jump to the store page to place orders.

How to manage TikTok?

It is worth mentioning that the TikTok sales channel has been added to the Shopify backend, and regular e-commerce functions such as goods on and off shelves, order delivery, and payment in the shop window are managed in the Shopify backend. Of course, TikTok also has a store management function, you can choose which products appear in the TikTok in the Shopify backend.

Launch Your Shopify Store on Tiktok

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