What kind of page does SO360 search like?

What kind of page does SO360 search like?

What kind of page does SO360 search like?

Users often come to us for feedback, saying that their website is not index or the page is not index. Today, I will tell you what kind of pages are welcome in 360 searches. I also hope that you follow these requirements to build your own website and contribute valuable content to users. What kind of page does Chinese search Engine Like?

  • The page/site can be accessed stably.
  • The pages/sites are rich in content, authentic, complete, and effective, and the resources provided are high-quality and effective.
  • The page/site has no virus hanging or being hacked.
  • There is no illegal or fraudulent behavior on the page/site.
  • The page/site shall not cheat for the purpose of deceiving search engines or deceiving users.
  • The page/site layout is good and the reading experience is good.
  • Pages/sites have contributed high-quality original content or compiled a summary of resources.
  • Pages/sites are authoritative and resources are scarce.

Here are some good examples or Case Study:

  1. Authoritative publishing content, neat and clean pages, beautiful layout, complete and effective content
  2. Encyclopedia page, carefully edited to contribute high-quality content.
  3. Recruitment list page of Lagou.com, rich and effective content
  4. The community atmosphere is good, the moderator management guide is in place, and the user posts are active and high-quality forum communities


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