Increase Your Shopify Site Conversion – Vancouver Shopify Agency

Increase Your Shopify Site Conversion – Vancouver Shopify Agency

Increase Your Shopify Site Conversion – Vancouver Shopify Agency

There are several key elements to increase your product conversion on your Shopify Site

Product Image

The first thing is your product images, which should be simple, clear, and neat. The first image should only show the product itself, other images can show while users using the product.

Increase your site conversion rate

Taking a close look at what Amazon’s product page has:

  1. Image
  2. Product Title
  3. Reviews
  4. Description
  5. Product Features
  6. Product variations
  7. Shop Button

All of these elements count. If you can embed a video on it, that would be perfect.

Trust Badget:

While we do shopping on the site, if there are tons of trust Signs; eg: Norton, Safe Checkout…. We will probably think this site is safe to shop. On the other hand, we couldn’t see any Trust Badget on the site, we might feel hesitant,  especially while the checkout process is a bit complicated than other e-commerce sites.

Product Reviews:

It is extremely important to Shopify’s Website. We have a client who spends more than $30,000 to generate positive reviews. Most of the Shopify Review app can generate google snippets; while online consumers search on google, your product is going to show with Review and your competitors are not; guess which link consumers are going to click.

Shipping: Shopify Expert Vancouver

Amazon totally changes our online shopping experience. 10-15 years ago, we can wait 10-30 days to receive our products. Nowadays, not anymore, consumers rather pay more to get the products as fast as they can. If your shipping time is longer than 7-10 days. You will probably lose your competitiveness.

Extra Button: Web-Design Vancouver

Put some extra buttons on the product page is always helpful; such as messenger, watchlist, Referral to a friend to get 10% OFF……

In the actual world, while we doing an online business, we will always face one major problem – a limited budget. That’s why you have to set up the budget before you decide to launch your business online. If you don’t do something your competitors do, you will probably lose your competitiveness.


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