How to promote your branding on Chinese video platform?

How to promote your branding on Chinese video platform?

How to promote your branding on Chinese video platform?

Station B is a platform that must be captured in the rejuvenation of brands, but station B is different from popular social media such as Weibo. It is more like an interest content aggregation platform and community, so it is more inclined to content in terms of operational thinking. Break the circle instead of breaking the circle in activities such as lottery forwarding.

Content marketing is a big challenge for most brands. Just like the content of a brand’s official account, few are truly outstanding.

However, things are not so pessimistic. Brands are facing low entry barriers for graphic content on the official account, so they will compete with a large number of individual creators for user attention. Nowadays, video content has a certain entry barrier. , Editing, post-production, and operation are usually teamwork, filtering a large number of individual creators, and the brand’s video content is actually easier to stand out.

Whether a brand’s new media content can do well depends to a large extent on this type of competitive interaction with individual creators, which is true on all platforms.

Therefore, we also judge that the brand has a certain advantage in the creation of video content, and it will grab some attention in the video content section, at least it should be easier than doing the official account in the past.

In the early years, if the brand did not operate the official account well, it would be a good choice to focus on video content today. According to the order of the threshold of video creation, the higher the threshold of long videos, the higher the probability of brand content being out of the circle; the lower the threshold of short videos, the greater the competition faced by the brand. At the same time, the trend of long video content Changes is slow and loyalty is high, while short video content changes rapidly and loyalty is low. From these perspectives, station B is indeed a content platform that brands need to pay attention to and invest in.

Judging from the content of station B, many blue V accounts of brands have begun to figure out the video routines that young people love, and have achieved good results. During the epidemic, Dingding’s “Dingding Bending” set a record of breaking the blue V circle at station B. Later, Tencent’s “Goose Factory vs. Lao Ganma” incident was also out of the circle at station B.

The Unicom account has driven a large number of Blue V’s house dance creation content, and the one who recently went out of the circle may be “Xianxian”.

Xian is an employee of China Merchants Bank Chongqing Branch in the house dance video of the Blue V account “China Merchants Bank Official Account”. The video “[China Merchants Bank Special Offer] Challenges the Sweetest Secretary Dance on the Internet” released on March 26, 2021, The number of views reached 4.939 million, and the video “[Special Offer from China Merchants Bank] Released on May 7, 2021, the vitality and sunshine are super sweet, let’s bloom together with our dreams”, and the number of views reached 1.24 million. This is already quite high in the content of the dance zone at Station B, not to mention the content created by a blue V.

Someone left a message in the comment area, “My heart is Bingbing, and my tears are Xianxian”, comparing Xianxian with Wang Bingbing, the host of CCTV who was also out of the circle at station B before (the two give people a fresh and lovely feeling, There are indeed a lot of similarities in looks and facial shapes); there are also users who call China Merchants Bank “can issue Xianxian co-branded credit cards”; in addition, there are a large number of blue Vs leaving messages in the comment area, and they are starting to prepare for the house dance plan…

Maybe a few years ago, no one would have thought that dance, a content division that was gradually lonely in the expansion of the B station, became a fan code for brand blue Vs, and the stickiness and interaction of related content were extremely high, even competing. Good friends and merchants can also interact with the box.

By the way, I went through the content lists of several popular Blue V accounts at station B and summarized the content operation directions in addition to the house dance. I also found an interesting phenomenon from it, and I will talk about it at the end.

Hot Topic as below:

  • Animals
  • Hardcore Science
  • Vlog
  • Relationship

Remember what I said at the beginning of this article? Whether a brand’s new media content can do well depends to a large extent on the competitive and interactive relationship with individual creators, which is true on all platforms.

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