How to Open a Store on Tmall Alibaba

How to Open a Store on Tmall Alibaba

How to Open a Store on Tmall Alibaba

If you want to launch a product to sell in China, you need to know what is Tmall – we show you how to open a store on Tmall step by step

Nowadays, e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, and many companies are starting to operate on Tmall. Tmall is usually settled by business-type merchants. It is necessary to understand some conditions and costs in advance, and then continue to understand, to avoid illegal operations in subsequent operations. So, what are the conditions for Tmall to adapt?

1: Tmall needs more conditions to open a store because Tmall is an online trading platform, so Tmall needs to have a business license before applying to open a store.

2: We also need a brand registration certificate when applying for a Tmall store. In addition, the online store must have a free brand certificate and sales authorization from the brand owner. With these products, you have a sales guarantee.

3: A certain deposit must be paid to open a Tmall store. The amount is 100,000 yuan. The little friend tells everyone that the deposit is only paid once. Don’t believe those scammers on the Internet. The function of the deposit is to prevent sellers from deceiving users, violating business ethics, and preventing Tmall sellers from violating Taobao regulations.

4: Tmall store has transaction fees. For example, after you purchase a product, you need to pay a certain transaction fee, usually 3%-5% of the Tmall deduction for each transaction. This specific number depends on your specific product, and there are specific rules, so you can look at other companies.

5. If you are a Tmall store on Taobao, you need to pay Taobao an annual technical service fee of 60,000 yuan. However, if your sales volume reaches a certain size, you can reduce it by half, and if it is larger, you can cancel it.

6. After completion of the opening procedures of Tmall.com, the application for the establishment of Tmall.com will be reviewed. It will be approved in a few days, and then Taobao’s Tmall department will assign you an account so you can run your Tmall store.

7: In the past two years, Tmall has increased some requirements for settled businesses. One of them is the size requirements for open storage rooms. Especially for furniture stores, warehouses need to meet safety requirements, so it is necessary to conduct on-site investigations, so pay attention to this point.

8: Since Tmall Mall opened in 2016, merchants who need to stay must have relevant qualifications, that is, they must have business licenses, and their funds will increase a lot, mainly based on different brands and different funding needs!

Many people say that Tmall’s entry barriers are high, mainly because of its high entry costs, including deposits and annual fees for technical services. If it’s the initial stage, you can open a Taobao store; once you get your foot on the ground, you can choose a Tmall store.

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