How to Design A Good Website – Web Design Vancouver

How to Design A Good Website – Web Design Vancouver

How to Design A Good Website – Web Design Vancouver

And if you enter a reasonable structure and eye-catching color matching site, even if the product is not what you need, you will stay on this page for a while. This is the power of beauty.

Color Matching of the Website

When designing a website, we follow the principle of conforming to the characteristics of the industry. For example, jewelry websites generally reflect luxury and dignity. If you design your website with heavy colors, you will give up the basics, generally in order to highlight the color of gold and silver. The overall tone will be fresher so that the product will stand out.

jewelry Website Design Vancouver

Color should reflect the characteristics of the industry. The color matching is very important, the theme color should be controlled within 2-3 main colors, and the auxiliary colors should not be too many. The text color is easy to read, and the background color should not be too small in contrast to the text.

The text size should be appropriate. The size of the text should match the layout of the page. Generally, the minimum English font is 10px, and the minimum Chinese character is 12px. The section is larger, and the text can be appropriately enlarged. It is important to coordinate with the page size layout.

Layout – Web Development Vancouver

The current page layout is basically divided into left and right, centered, left center right, left top right, full screen and partial screen, etc. Different layouts give people different feelings, because the layout is the frame of the entire page, and the website looks neat and uniform. Layout played a big role, so we must respect the public’s aesthetics in the layout, and not be too maverick.

Website Layout - Web Design Vancouver

The golden visual area, that is, where we look at a web page first, usually the upper left corner, so our focus should be placed in this area. It is usually a website logo and slogan. So the text here is very, very important where is eye-catching. For example, Baidu and Google have a search box in the middle of the page, and there is nothing in the upper right corner, so our vision will naturally fall on the form.

The layout should also consider the technical realization when designing. If the layout is too complicated or full of odd-shaped blocks, the WEB designer will encounter difficulties when implementing it. At this time, they will use the form of pictures instead. If a page is full of Pictures, except for poor loading performance. There is a danger of distortion on the high-definition screen. So if you should use words, try not to cut pictures.

It is necessary to consider the adaptability of the mobile-responsive.

Text Content – Chinses Seo Service

When we plan our website, the text should be easy to read. Be clear about what you want to say, and don’t confuse visitors.

In the upper right corner, we will put our corporate logo or phone number, which tells everyone who we are.

When we express ourselves on the landing page, we generally want to show visitors the following:

  • Who are we
  • Who uses us – our clients
  • What can we do for you
  • What else do we have (products or services)
  • Why choose us
  • What other customers are there

Images – web design company Vancouver

Images are extremely important to any website.

If a picture is interspersed between the text on the page, in addition to being refreshing, the content on the picture will also attract more attention. Therefore, e-commerce websites always put images on priority.

Reasonable use of pictures makes our page full of readability.

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