How to build a smart applet to baidu search?

How to build a smart applet to baidu search?

How to build a smart applet to baidu search?

Baidu search is the largest distribution scenario for smart applets. How to build smart applets that search favorites and how to get more search revenue from searches are issues that every applet developer is paying attention to.

In this article, the product operator of Baidu’s smart applet team will explain in detail the knowledge of intelligent applet building, resource access search, resource cooperation, and other related knowledge to help developers grow quickly.

1. Why does Baidu search like smart applets? – App Development Vancouver

For a long time, Baidu Search puts the search user experience in the most important position and is committed to providing users with the most practical answers, the most pleasant browsing experience, and the most effective services. The reason why Baidu Search likes smart applets is mainly due to the three characteristics of intelligent applets:


1. Smart Mini Programs adhere to the principle of diversification and openness, cooperate in-depth with the majority of ecological players, and introduce high-quality and scarce resources of various genres into Baidu search;


2. User management tools such as interactive components of smart applets can obtain more user activity information, and combine user behavior information to quickly improve search user satisfaction.


3. Smart Mini Programs provide search users with services such as query, consultation, purchase, and shop visits to meet their all-round needs.

 Second, the search knowledge that must be understood before development

1. The principle of Baidu search engine: understanding the working principle of search engine can better guide developers and improve the search friendliness of smart applets and websites. The working principle of Baidu search engine mainly includes resource crawling, page analysis, indexing, and search sorting.


2. Matters needing attention

1 ) Resource crawling: correctly identify spiders and set bans carefully;

2 ) Index volume and traffic: A decrease in index volume does not necessarily lead to a decrease in traffic.

Deleting the low-quality and user-unneeded resources in the index database will cause a decrease in the index data, but generally will not bring about changes in website traffic. Therefore, a decline in index volume data may not necessarily lead to a decline in traffic.


3. Mobile search sorting rules

1 ) Traditional ranking principles: Timeliness, authority, content richness, and relevance matching with user needs are always the consideration factors for search ranking.

2 ) Preferentially treat smart applets with good browsing and service experience: As the intelligent applets bring browsing and service experience gains to search users, when the scores of N search results are similar, the search will give priority to showing the smart applets result.

3 ) Preferential treatment of smart applets with stable performance: Baidu Search attaches great importance to the stability of search results, the dead-link problem of H5 results, the white screen of intelligent applets, loading failures, and other issues seriously affect the user experience, not only causing user loss, but also It may be restricted by search.

4 ) Preferential treatment of smart applets for operating users: Baidu Search hopes that search users can obtain better services through intelligent applets, and at the same time, it provides many capabilities for intelligent applet operating users. More tilt support. Developers can refer to the ” Encyclopedia of Smart Mini Program User Management Tools “

3. How to build smart applets to be more friendly – Website Design Vancouver

1. Directory settings

To set the resource directory level of the smart applet, please refer to the directory level of the H5 website. Follow the simple and clear principle. Do not put all the content in the root directoryand do not set too deep directory levels, which can not only facilitate the management and maintenance of developers but also It is convenient for Baidu spider to find and crawl quickly.


2. Third-party redirects are not allowed on the smart applet page

If there is a third-party redirect to the smart applet page, it will be judged as a low-quality resource and will generally not be included. If the smart applet page has jumped to H5, nested H5, etc., you need to self-check and rectify as soon as possible, and resubmit resources or adaptation rules.


3. Page basic information settings

When smart applet resources replace H5 resources, similarity verification of page basic information is a very important part. Therefore, it is very important to set up basic information of the page that meets the specifications, mainly including the title ( title ), summary ( description ), and other information.

1 ) Title

The title can give users a quick insight into the content of the page and understand the relevance of the result to the demand. It is usually the main information used to determine the user’s click behavior. Therefore, the use of high-quality page titles is essential for the page.

The principle of setting the title:

1 ) It should be ensured that each page under the smart applet has a designated title, and different pages of the same smart applet should use different titles. Do not repeat the title on multiple pages.

2 ) The page title should accurately summarize the content of the page and avoid vague and irrelevant descriptions.

3 ) The page title should be concise, avoid using lengthy titles, and avoid keyword stuffing.

4 ) The symbol of the page title is used correctly, you can refer to the usage of the title symbol suggested by Baidu .


2 ) Summary setting principle

The first 150 characters are required to reflect the relevance of the description and the target keyword. The most core vocabulary of the target keyword must appear in the description completely. The summary content of different pages cannot be exactly the same.


Positive example: title and abstract of the homepage


 Positive example: Title and summary of channel page/list page

△ Positive example: the title and abstract of the content page


3 ) Page content layout settings

1 ) Release time

The content needs to have a significant and standardized publication time. Add  obvious ” and “ canonical  publication time to each article , such as pub date : 2019.08.08 18:08. This will help your articles to be parsed into the correct time information, and get a reasonable display effect in the search ranking.


2 ) The page is divided into blocks

The content needs regular and reasonable page segmentation. This helps Baidu Search to parse the content of the page correctly and avoid the confusion of the content that affects the search display. From top to bottom, the general pages are the main content, advertising area, and related recommendations. The boundaries between each other are clear and the distribution is reasonable.

Positive example: The main text, advertisements, and related recommended areas are clearly divided.

Four, smart applet access search – SEO Provider Vancouver

1. Access to natural search and get general search revenue

Smart applet resources are connected to Baidu’s natural search results to meet the precise search needs of search users for services and information. For developers, they can obtain more search traffic and complete the in-depth conversion of users.


1 ) How to access natural search for existing H5 sites

If the developer already has an H5 site, he needs to associate the H5 site first , and then submit URL adaptation rules to replace the popular directory resources under the H5 site with smart applets. The precise adaptation rules help to quickly replace the smart applet resources. Show in Baidu search in time. For specific steps, please refer to ” How to Link H5 Sites to Smart Mini Programs  .

2 ) How to access natural search when there is no H5 site

When the developer does not have an H5 site, or the H5 site is not well included, in order to facilitate the rapid inclusion of smart applet resources, you can use the method of [new applet resource submission] to access the search . Developers of existing H5 sites can also submit their newly produced smart applet resources in this way.


2. Resource cooperation mode, get more search revenue

In addition, developers can choose a variety of resource cooperation modes to obtain specific search rights, meet the needs of search users, and obtain more search traffic.

(1) Professional Q&A

Professional Q&A is a high-quality Q&A content special display product launched by Baidu Search. It breaks through the original search engine’s simple listing of search results, and uses pictures, videos and other strong styles to display high-quality and authoritative content at the top of the search results. , Which directly meets the search needs of users, and distributes traffic that matches its quality to producers of high-quality content.


(2) OpenCard

OpenCard is an Aladdin special card for smart applet developers. The docking process is simple, the online cycle is short, and the content submission cost is low. OpenCard has become the main path for its intelligent applet to obtain traffic.


5. Interactive Q&A

1. Does the smart applet conflict with H5 content? Will it be included? Can it be shown?

There will be no conflicts. Developers with H5 websites can replace them through adaptation rules. Whether it is included and displayed mainly depends on the overall quality of the site.


2. How to check the inclusion after the mini-program is online?

First of all, it depends on the channel through which the resource is submitted. Generally, there will be data feedback on the page where the resource is submitted, and the inclusion status can be checked.

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