How to Become Shopify Expert – Lesson 1

How to Become Shopify Expert – Lesson 1

How to Become Shopify Expert – Lesson 1

Regarding Shopify, recently, I plan to launch a 30-day tutorial. Through this tutorial, you can learn how to successfully open a shop on Shopify from scratch!

Shopify is now one of the mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms. I will introduce Shopify from another perspective, so whether you are new to Shopify or already a shop owner, I believe you can learn something new from my tutorial.

Should I use Shopify to build a website?

Shopify is one of the current mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms. It’s simple and good for dummies –  Actually, many people who have done WordPress in the early days and switch to Shopify

Shopify’s operation is very simple, without any technical requirements, very suitable for novice entrepreneurs.

Main feature:

  • No need to know code or web design
  • Fool-style site construction
  • Can choose various products
  • Build your own shop with simple clicks

What is Dropshipping?

Drop shopping is a business model. To do Drop shopping, you don’t need to prepare inventory in advance, so you don’t need a lot of start-up capital, and you don’t need to pack and ship by yourself.

If the seller receives an order, he only needs to contact the supplier immediately and let the supplier directly deliver the goods to the customer according to the order.

Compared with the traditional e-commerce model, Drop shopping is a better choice, because there is no need to worry about funds, and it also saves the delivery and logistics links.

Just do a good job in store construction and promotion, operations, and other core tasks. You don’t even need to be a full-time store, you can use your free time to open a store.

If this is you are first heard about Drop shopping, it may be a bit difficult for you. But don’t worry, I will try my best to make the tutorial simple and easy to understand.

If you do dropship on Shopify, then you are actually acting as a middleman. I mentioned the nature and ideas of making money in this article. In fact, in this world, trade is an exchange, and the profit generated by the exchange is actually a business of buying and reselling.

If you open a store on Shopify and do Drop shopping, then your role is to connect manufacturers and consumers as an intermediary, a pure connection, without any actual transactions.

In the traditional e-commerce model, stores need to prepare goods from suppliers in advance and then sell them through their own stores. And now it is completely possible to abandon this “buy first and then sell” model, all you have to do is to create your own store and then focus on marketing.

Through various marketing channels, expose products, attract traffic, and finally get orders. Once you have an order, you only need to send the customer’s order information to the supplier and let the supplier arrange the delivery. In general, you do online business, but you don’t need any physical products.

Niche store vs general store? – Chinese SEO Service

The first question you will encounter is whether your shop is better than Niche or general? In other words, are you going to be a grocery store or a very vertical selling store?

Niche stores and general stores are Shopify’s two store models, and these two models are classified for product categories. If you decide to open a store on Shopify, first think about which store you want to choose?

Niche stores are for niche products, which means that you plan to focus on a certain type of product in a certain market segment. For example, LED indoor lighting in the lighting market can be further subdivided into LED office lighting or LED furniture lights.

Shopify Development Company Vancouver

One of Niche’s characteristics is that the target market is accurate and the conversion rate is high. Your store focuses on a certain type of product, so your advertising and marketing will have a more precise target audience.

But more important is the selection of products and market competition. How to choose a good product or a category often makes many sellers a headache. When you choose a good product, before you have time to be happy, you find that the market is saturated, or even oversaturated, and the competition is fierce.

Sometimes many stores even have to choose to close. The General store can cover many types of products, and there may not even be a half-money relationship between these products.

You can sell clothes, cosmetics, watches, stationery, etc. at the same time. But the conversion rate of this model is not so high.

For example, one day a customer is attracted by an advertisement for a certain watch in your shop, only to discover that your shop is not actually a professional watch shop, and the products in it are various.

It is conceivable that customers will not have a good first impression of your store. Especially those professional customers, generally choose to go shopping in stores that can provide professional services.

But the main feature of the General store is to choose many types of products, which means you can have a lot of testing opportunities. You can test different products through various marketing channels and programs, and then choose the best one as the main product.

Therefore, the store model is very important, and the results of different business models are often very different. If you are already an enthusiast of a certain type of product and have been studying this type of product for a long time, and you know the difference between good and bad and other information, then you can choose this type of niche product.

For example, you have always liked to study various earphones, and you usually buy different brands of earphones to use and analyze. You know the sound quality, price, design, etc. of different earphones.

Then your niche product, which is your main headset, has a relative advantage. Because you know this product well, it’s easy to find the target audience, you can target advertising for marketing, and the conversion rate will naturally be higher. So it depends on your positioning and the advantages of your product.

Of course, there is another argument, especially for advertising. I have heard a point of view that you don’t know anything about the store you just started, so it’s very dangerous for you to choose a niche, but to build a General Shop, and then quickly select products through advertisements to order niche.

Build a Shopify StoreVancouver Shopify Expert


If you want your shop to be profitable, then pay attention to these points :

  • Choose the General store and sell a variety of products together
  • First test 15 products
  • Run and track 100-150 ads

Our first small goal is to make $1000. But it should be noted that not all products that require 15 tests are profitable. We only need to find the best-selling one among these 15 products.


Here everyone tries to follow the KISS principle- keep it super simple. Just try to keep everything simple and concise.

Create a good store name – Shopify Development Company Vancouver

Shopify Website Design Vancouver

A good store name is very important, the store name shows the image of the store to a certain extent. Shopify comes with a free online tool for generating names.

link address: https://www.shopify.com/tools/business-name-generator

You can search for names that contain keywords by entering keywords; B



  • Simple, it must be a word that can be spelled, 1-2 words are the best,
  • The best syllables of the word are 2-4
  • Easy to remember, distinctive and impressive
  • Do not use words such as “store”, “shop”, “deal”, etc., which are not conducive to establishing a brand image

The associate new domain name to Shopify store

The shop name is the free second-level domain name address of the Shopify shop (for example, the shop name is Happy Selling); the store URL should be https://Happy-Selling.myshopify.com

After you create a name through Shopify’s own name generator, it will automatically associate the name with the domain name. Of course, you can also use other tools to create a domain name, and then manually associate the domain name with your store.

NameCheap, GoDaddy, and LeanDomainSearch are all well-used domain name tools at present, and they generally require payment.


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