E-Commerce App Development Process

E-Commerce App Development Process

E-Commerce App Development Process

App Developing Process is as easy as cooking. The process of developing an e-commerce app can also be so simple – Preparation and Launch

The detailed process of developing an e-commerce app is as follows:

Demand determination – app developer Vancouver

Demand determination is the first and crucial step, not only because the entire life cycle of the app is centered on user needs, but also because demand determines the way the app is developed. The emerging “SaaS” modular technology to develop e-commerce apps is It is more popular now.

The e-commerce App development agency needs to communicate with customers in detail, sort out the customer’s functional requirements, cycles, costs, etc., and sort out the specific requirements of the customer so that the e-commerce App development provider can accurately grasp the customer’s positioning and conceive how the function will be implemented.

App Resources Preparation

After determining the requirements, the next step is for the customer to clearly express the product concept and design requirements. The UI designer of the e-commerce App development agency will design basic UI such as mall icons and launch pages for the App to fill in content according to the customer’s needs.

Payment gateway: Paypal, Stripe, WeChat app payment…

Functions – #1 SEO Agency Vancouver

After the requirements are determined and the Resources Prepare complete, then you can enter the Functions. The current mainstream development technology generally adopts the SaaS.

The advantage of SaaS technology is that it can modularize functional components and develop them well in advance; which can reduce the App development cost and also shorten the App development time.

The e-commerce app development provider that adopts SaaS technology only needs to build modules, configure, and perform content filling, layout, and initial settings for the app in response to the functional needs of customers.

Test Your App

After the App is Built, Test it

Launch to ISO and Google Store

After that, you can simply submit your app to Apple Store and Google, ready to launch?

App maintenance and update

In addition, the maintenance and update of the App are part of the app. A good e-commerce App development company will have a professional technical team to update/upgrade your app for you. 



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