Do We Still Need SEO in 2021?

Do We Still Need SEO in 2021?

Do We Still Need SEO in 2021?

This is a big topic on SEO, highly related to search engines.

The current SEO is biased towards all-around development. Everything needs to be done, complicated but not refined – multiple platforms.  A preliminary understanding of the Internet, and determine the future direction of development. The industry relies on search engines, and as long as search services still exist, SEO will not disappear.

Google and Baidu keep updating their algorithm. The most important thing is your site’s content –  content readability, relevance, and internal links. 

SEO Still Needs to be Done – SEO Services Richmond BC

In nowadays, people have more platforms to search; video search as Tiktoc and Youtube, image search as Google Image, product search as Amazon. However, as long as Google still exists, SEO still needs to be done.

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What does SEO do now? SEO Agency Vancouver

After years of adjustments, Google and Baidu are now more and more humane. Although loopholes are inevitable, many spam websites, low-quality informative sites, and low user experience pages have been cracked down. The previous black-hat methods of broadcasting and collecting articles that could achieve results by grasping the rules are no longer possible.

New search engines development direction – paying more and more attention to content and user experience (Important!). Do you still found some sites which full of spam on the 1st page of google, No, no more. 

SEO might not be as effective as before due to more and more platforms has launched in the past 3-4 years. However, Google is still the NO.1 search engine in the World. And we still need Google to search for information/products/services… SEO can help your site to rank high on Google to driven more traffic to your site.



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