Correctly Using Facebook Ads to Driven More Traffic to Shopify Store

Correctly Using Facebook Ads to Driven More Traffic to Shopify Store

Correctly Using Facebook Ads to Driven More Traffic to Shopify Store

Traffic are always been a key to Success in Online stores. Even if your Shopify store is well designed and the product price is very affordable, it is useless without promoting it.

Therefore, active marketing becomes a necessity. When doing Shopify, in addition to paying for advertising, what other ways can you get free traffic for your Shopify store?

Facebook + Shopify; Vancouver Shopify Expert

For the choice of Shopify store promotion channels, in addition to our commonly used Google search ads, there is another very important channel-Facebook.

Did you know that you can link your Shopify account to Facebook to measure website traffic and other conversion events on the Shopify website?

Visitors can be tracked and accurately define by Facebook pixels. You can create different custom audiences based on the behavior of website visitors. Using this information can help you create custom audiences and optimize your Facebook ads to increase sales. It allows you to better understand how users interact with your business and drive advertising campaigns.

It’s easy to know what the user’s path to work on your website is, so you can remarket to these audiences in the future.

Set UpProcedure:  Vancouver Shopify Developer

  1. Enter the event management tool, open the Shopify page, follow the instructions to select the pixel you want to use in your account, and then enter the pixel number.
  2. Log in to the background of your Shopify account, then click on the online store, select Preferences (Online Store->Preferences->Facebook Pixel), copy and paste the pixel number just obtained, and save it.
  3. After the pixel is installed, we can automatically track it in the pixel. After integrating the Facebook pixel with Shopify, the Facebook pixel will automatically track the following standard events, and automatically optimize ads based on these events:
  4. Add to the shopping cart, initiate checkout, add payment information, and purchase.

Use Shopify to initiate the Facebook checkout function

To enable the function of initiating Facebook checkout from the Shopify management panel and uploading product information to your Shopify account:

  1. Log in to Shopify and click the + sign next to Sales channels in the Shopify management panel.
  2. Click Learn more next to the Facebook channel.
  3. Click Add channel.
  4. Open Facebook in the Shopify admin panel.
  5. Click Get Started.
  6. Click Connect account.

After allowing you to bind your Shopify account with your Facebook business homepage, Facebook will verify your account information.

Your account is verified, you can enable the Facebook checkout function through the Shopify management panel.

Use Shopify’s Facebook Marketing application to create product advertisements more easily and effectively

First, bind the Facebook homepage and advertising account

The second step is to create an advertising campaign, select an audience and set a budget. (Note that two types of advertisements are currently supported, dynamic advertisements and carousel advertisements. Here we take carousel advertisements as an example).

Vancouver Shopify Designed

First name your campaign to make it easier for you to distinguish later, then select the product and click Browse to see all the products in Shopify (it is recommended to promote the same category of products).

The next step is to set the discount code. The users must be interested in the discount.

Edit your own copy. If you don’t know how to write it better, then follow the principle of “less is more”.

Next, you need to make a good audience selection. It is best that the website has accumulated a certain amount of traffic and customers so that it will be more accurate when selecting similar audiences. Facebook has its own unique algorithm and artificial intelligence to help you optimize similar audiences, so, The more traffic accumulated in the early stage, the more accurate the customer profile, and the better the advertising quality.

For similar audiences, search for your target market audience. For the initial setup, adding interest segmentation is not recommended, it will narrow the audience, and it is impossible to confirm which audience works best. Therefore, for each campaign, only choose one audience. Later, you can find the most suitable for you through A/B testing. Audience.

Then, set the budget and date, if you just start to do the recommended minimum USD/day. Of course, each country has a different degree of competition, which requires continuous testing to explore and explore.

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