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More than 1.8 million Chinese in Canada, Why give up this huge market???

If you are running an E-Commerce Site, please add multi-languages; and DO NOT FORGET THE CHINESE MARKET


We know what the Chinese wants to read, we know the search habits on google and Baidu


Keywords Search and Translate

Link Building

We will create Chinese Backlinks for you

Google HK

Don’t like Baidu? Don’t worry, we can also rank you high in Google HK, TW, Singapore…

Chinese Search engine optimization VAncouver

Don't wait Till it is too late

The later you get into Chinese Online Marketing, the more competitive you are going to face in the near future. 

More than 20 companies hire us to Explore the Chinese Market in Canada and U.S; industries such as Real Estate Vancouver, Online Grocery, Car Dealers……

The later you get into this market, the more money you need to invest!

How Chinese SEO Work

We Can Rank your Keywords in Chinese on Google

Have you ever dream about getting your product or service sale in the Chinese Market?

We can definitely help you to rank high on Google or Baidu

We write Chinese description for you website

Find out the most search volume keywords for your site

Study your competitors in your industry

PR in High DA Chinese website, and get your keyword rank high on google 

Rank your Keyword in Chinese on Baidu

Baidu’s algorithm is similar to Google, but a bit more complicated. Most of the companies didn’t get an index cause they do not have the ICP Code in China. 

We can solve this issue for you and leaving you peace of mind

Indes your site on Baidu, it takes longer than Google

High DA Guest Blogging 

Creative and Attractive Content Marketing

Chinese SEO Result on Google, Top 3

Chinese SEO Vancouver

SEO Result on Baidu.com, Top 10 - Same Keyword, Both Rank on the first Page

Chinese SEO Result on Baidu


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