Becoming a Shopify Expert – Lesson 2

Becoming a Shopify Expert – Lesson 2

Becoming a Shopify Expert – Lesson 2

Several important basic settings of Shopify

Knock on the blackboard, the following content will be used for the test later! ! ! (Holds the glasses at 760 degrees), looking back at the Day1 lesson, what did we talk about?

  • What is Shopify
  • What is dropshipping
  • Is the product you just started better to be a Niche store or a general store?
  • How to create a shop,
  • How to select the name of the store, etc.
  • How to open a store on Shopify and how to create a store name

Well Prepare Before you Launch Your Store – US Market

Before setting up a store, a very important step is the preparatory work creating a US address and number, setting up a payment method, and a support email.

Why do you want a US address, a US number, and what is it for? Market, Canadian Market is still tiny compare to the States.

If you want to do the US market, sometimes you need an address in the US, Virtualpostmail can scan it for you, and then you can read the order online.

link address: https://www.virtualpostmail.com

E-commerce SEO Expert Vancouver

In fact, it is mail forwarding. When the goods you order are sent to that address, there will usually be email notifications that mail/parcels have arrived. Of course, you can decide whether you want to forward it (to yourself) immediately, or wait for all the products you ordered to arrive, and then forward them to your designated location.

Your email can be sent directly here, but this service is paid, and the specific service can be selected according to your needs.

After registration, the address will look like the following. If you buy directly in the United States, it will be sent to your address:


47-47 36th Street

Suite # XXXXX (Number, Suite means suite)

Long Island City, NY 11101

You might have to purchase a US number as well. Although most people rarely call now, we still need to prepare in advance. What if your client has any urgent needs and needs to call you?

To be prepared is to prepare everything you can think of.

Local calls can be generated on Grasshopper. The operation is simple and the pricing is reasonable. You can try it if you need it.

Link address: https://grasshopper.com

Set up payment methods-Paypal and Stripe

The most common ones are Paypal and Stripe. I am not going to focus too much on Paypal. The operation of Stripe is also very convenient, the user experience is very good, and the online payment, dispute handling, and analysis are all done well.

Set up on Striped is very simple, you can register an account on it, enter your email address, create a name and password and it will be OK.

Several important settings of Shopify – Shopify SEO

After logging in to Shopify, click setting in the lower-left corner to enter the setting interface:

Here are a few settings to pay special attention to :

  • basic settings
  • payment method
  • payment method
  • Freight calculation
  • Tax setting
  • Notice
  • file
  • Marketing channels

Payment method

The collection is very important. If the store does not set a collection method, you will not be able to receive the payment from the customer.

Click ” Payment Providers (selection of payment methods)” to enter the payment method settings

Marketing channels

Click the “+” next to “Sales Channels” to add marketing channels, such as Facebook and Messenger.

For example, if we want to increase the marketing channel of the Facebook platform, what should we do? Click Facebook, next to the ” + “, enter the Facebook settings page, and then click ” connect account

Design Logo for Your Shopify Store – Vancouver Shopify Expert

After completing the background settings of the above store, the next step is to design a logo. Because there is a lot of promotion work to be done later, the logo is very important and can represent your brand. A good logo can make it easy for people to remember your brand.

Many people feel that they have no design skills and no understanding of drawing software, so they can only ask professional designers for help, but this is very expensive, and it is certainly not a good deal for people with a small budget.

The most important thing is that there are many design tools on the Internet, free and easy to use, Canva is one of them.
Link address: https://www.canva.com

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