Basic SEO Knowledge – Richmond SEO Agency

Basic SEO Knowledge – Richmond SEO Agency

Basic SEO Knowledge – Richmond SEO Agency

SEO  – Search Engine Optimization!

In essence, it is how to cater to the rules of search engines so that the website can rank better in the search results, such as the PDA industry. Website, when the user enters the “PDA data collector”, without SEO, maybe your website is ranked after page 2 or page 3. Through user behavior analysis, we know that when users search, basically About 80% of users will give up after browsing the first page. So for a company, how to make your website rank as high as possible and get more traffic means that there can be more More opportunities to showcase the company’s products and brands. In a nutshell, SEO is to allow websites to rank as high as possible in the natural ranking of search engines.

Search engines display what users want to know based on the search terms entered by the user. This search term maybe a few words or a paragraph of text. In SEO, we call these keywords, which are like “Goddess”, everything SEO does revolve around her. Here are some basic methods: SEO services Richmond

Website internal optimization: website URL optimization, webpage pseudo-static operation, dead link (404 links) query, and processing, internal link mesh optimization, sitemap, 301 redirect settings, robots.txt file writing, 404 error page settings, pictures Optimization techniques, original website output, etc.

Website external optimization: reasonable external links, friendly link exchange, webmaster platform submission entrance, off-site soft-text promotion, etc.

The above are basically some commonly used SEO methods. Of course, there are some other methods. Those methods may have a good ranking effect in the short term, but they are not conducive to the long-term ranking of the website. 

Keyword analysis and mining – SEO Services Vancouver

In fact, for SEO, the old site may be more troublesome than the new site. When the new site is built, SEO can be taken into consideration, and a reasonable keyword layout can be used to lay a good foundation for later SEO.

Every website has its own positioning. If you choose keywords blindly when you are not sure about the positioning of the website, you will not have any positive effect on the optimization of the website’s ranking, and you may be punished by search engines instead.

When the positioning of the website is determined, keyword analysis and mining can be carried out. I usually do SEO for industry websites. Industry websites have some specific keywords. You can search for some keywords and see if the same industry websites are all That keywords to use, and then use the webmaster tool to view the index of these keywords, as well as related keywords, long-tail keywords, and then analyze the difficulty of making these words, and decide which one to choose first according to your own situation Several keywords are used as the main keywords. The main keywords are best controlled within 3-5 ranges. As the website ranking (weight) increases, adjustments will be made.

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