Basic SEO Knowledge – Chinese SEO Service Vancouver

Basic SEO Knowledge – Chinese SEO Service Vancouver

Basic SEO Knowledge – Chinese SEO Service Vancouver

Why do you need SEO? Get more Clicks, more visits to the sites

Let’s first look at the overall framework of SEO optimization (some key content is organized): the mind map has high-definition large images.

Off-site optimization:

Backlink Campaign:
As one of the three cores of website optimization, backlinks have always been the basis of the core algorithm of search engines. However, the backlinks are relied on quality but not quantity, and only high-quality backlinks can exert good results. Here are some common problems in building external links:

What are high-quality backlinks?

  • Press Release: avoid machine links, manual is recommended
  • Publishing platform: site-related, large portals, formal industries
  • Content: strong readability, value to users, and compliance with Google search specifications and requirements
  • Update frequency: avoid interruption, avoid excessively


How to Get quality links? Chinese SEO Agency Vancouver

Purchase backlinks: Refer to the PR value.  In addition, do not buy in large quantities at a time, but it can be done in batches.

SEO cannot rely solely on natural rankings, because SEO optimization is a long-term strategy and it takes a certain amount of time to produce results. This is also a disadvantage of it. If you want to see the results immediately, the budget is sufficient. Therefore, SEM and SEO can be combined together, and in some aspects, the advantages and disadvantages of the two can complement each other.

Follow Google algorithm updates – SEO provider Vancouver

The changes in Google’s algorithm are directly related to our website traffic and rankings. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the update and dynamic consultation of Google’s algorithm, and make corresponding adjustments and optimizations in a timely manner, so that our website can continue to better survive in the Internet environment. Following the official footsteps, although it may not guarantee how good the effect is, at least it will not easily produce any moths!

SEO is all about gaining traffic by improving rankings, and studying Google’s algorithm can give you a clearer understanding of the principles of Google search engine, and then targeted optimization according to the rules, in order to improve website rankings and get more search traffic.

Let’s briefly look at the four key inspection Google’s search ranking principles:

Content quality: the value of the resource itself. (The content is best to be corroborated, justified, and evidenced)
Authority: The degree of professionalism of the producer behind the resource. (It is best to have professional field certification)
Timeliness: the release time of the resource and the oldness of the content. (Relevant content and policies should be updated in time according to time)
User Friendly: the smoothness of user experience in the process of consuming content or services. (Reduce advertising pop-ups to avoid reading obstacles)

When doing SEO, never rely on luck. In fact, the quickest way is to follow in the footsteps of the official site of google, because the official instructions are the most authoritative, and many methods have been verified to be effective.

SEO Tools – Chinese Search Engine Optimization Service Vancouver

To do SEO, you must-have tools.

After understanding some of the key content of off-site optimization, let’s continue to see how to do on-site optimization.

On-Page optimization

The website design should be clean and formal.  Generally, the more pages in the main navigation of the website, the flatter the website is, and the flatter the website, the more conducive to the crawling and crawling of search engine spiders. Therefore, it must be more friendly to search engines and must be beneficial to search engine spiders.

Secondly, URL, 404, and other aspects should also need be done well. Everything should be done from the perspective of search engines and user experience.

Keyword optimization
Keyword search: main keywords, brand keywords, long-tail keywords
Keyword distribution: pyramid structure, vertical expansion
Keyword density: generally 2%~8% is appropriate
Keyword precision mining: you can use Raven, Moz…

The key to keyword optimization is to choose suitable keywords first and try to improve the ranking, and the amount of keyword layout must be large, the traffic that three or five words can bring is definitely limited.


Nowadays,  content is king to any search engine, and the quality of content keeps improving, because in this era of massive information, people will actually quickly filter out those spam content, and high-quality content is the only thing that Google recommends. If your content is high quality enough and can really provide useful information to end-users with high value, it is still easy to burst traffic.

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