Baidu SEO Vancouver – Chinese SEO Service

Baidu SEO Vancouver – Chinese SEO Service

Baidu SEO Vancouver – Chinese SEO Service

Baidu Search engine optimization roughly includes 4 directions, On-Page optimization, content optimization, internal links, and Backlinks optimization, which can be optimized according to this general direction – looks familiar? Yes, it is similar to Google SEO

Site Structure – China SEO Service Team can help

1. Optimize TDK: TDK here is not only the homepage but also the column pages and article pages of TDK. This is why you can choose custom tags when building a website. T is the title, the title of the website, very! too heavy! Yes, it is! If TDK’s full score is 10 points, T should account for about 7 points. The title is the first thing that spiders see, that is, the first impression. The title must contain keywords, that is, the function of the website, what product or service the website is doing, and the sentence is smooth. , Don’t pile up keywords. Description, website description, is the supplement to the title.. Grams or keywords. The TDK of the column page and article page can be found in the advanced settings of the specific column in the background.

2. 301 redirect and 404 error page production, must-have, nothing It’s easy to say.

3. Level: How many levels to open a page? Many sites have been ignored. It is recommended to reduce the crawling time of spiders within three levels.

4. Keyword layout and density: According to the user’s browsing page, click on the heat map to find the hot zone, and then deploy the keywords to the corresponding location. That is, F layout, the keyword density in a page is 2%-8%, this is only empirical data, not necessarily accurate…

5. Four words: TDK tail or anchor text.

6. Site navigation: main navigation, secondary navigation, and breadcrumb navigation, including keywords, highlights, use plain text, and should be consistent with the corresponding TDK.

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Content – Content Marketing Vancouver

Content optimization is mainly about article quality. Even if it is not purely original, at least if it is highly pseudo-original. Pseudo-original should choose articles that are not included on the website or blocked on search engines, or translated articles, as long as you are the first to post an article. Yes, the spider thinks it is original.

Internal Links – App Developer Vancouver

To sum up, it is to increase the density of links within the site, just like a spider web, the denser the better, the most common is the home page, the column and the article page jump to each other; the logo link, the article page uses tags and up, down, Or related articles, increase links and associations between pages


I will not suggest doing too many backlinks, too expensive nowadays. Spend more time on your content. 

Although Baidu, Sogou, and 360 are all search engines, their search algorithms are all different. For example, in order to improve the mobile user experience, Baidu’s lightning algorithm proposed to do CDN acceleration and make MIP pages for Baidu mobile search.

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