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Since 2008, our team of 14 senior developers has been providing customers with Android and iOS applications.


When developing iOS app , our team is focus on clean codes.


Based Android application allows customers to share their work in the broader market, while allowing users to easily access and use applications with little problem.


A well-designed mobile application App can perform operations faster than a website. In contrast to websites that typically use web servers, applications usually store data locally on mobile devices.

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Mobile App can perform operations faster than a website. Compared to websites that usually use web servers, applications usually store data locally on mobile devices. Therefore, data retrieval occurs rapidly in mobile applications. The application can store the user’s preferences and use them to take proactive actions on behalf of the user, thereby further saving the user’s time.

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FAQs about SEO and Web Design Vancouver

There is no App software that can contain all functions. It should be noted that App software with too many functions will only make users feel cumbersome, vain, and flashy. If the app software has outstanding functions, it just meets the needs of users, so that users can remember your App software. Therefore, the function of App software lies not in precision, but in its practicality.

No matter what kind of APP is being developed, early market analysis is essential. The point of market research is to find out what the main function of the APP is to the enterprise, and then to interpret the functions in detail. 

Download your competitor’s app for further analysis.

What kind of value can your APP provide to the users is an important point for APP’s life span.

Analysis your End Users: users’ age, income, region, focus, cultural level, etc.

For example, different people have different preference, which determines the overall UI style of your app.

The basic configuration of app: Android and IOS, backend, server, and it is necessary to decide whether to make native app or H5 version. Different versions can achieve different functions, performance, development languages, they are differ in prices. 

We also need to know about app deployment, release, update/maintenance, operation, promotion and other related information.


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