App Backend Development – Which Languages Should We Use

App Backend Development – Which Languages Should We Use

App Backend Development – Which Languages Should We Use

Choosing a development language is a core principle in Mobile App Development

What do you want to develop – Vancouver App Developer

For example, if you need to develop a chat server and choose PHP to develop it – not the perfect solution. How is the scripting language PHP suitable for chat services? However, if you are developing a website, PHP is very suitable. Compared with Java, PHP is much efficient. 

Choosing the most popular language – Vancouver Mobile App Development Company

Actually, many languages overlap, pick the most popular one. 

There are many languages to develop an app backend, eg:  java, PHP, python, ruby, golang, nodejs, etc. How to pick the right now for your app?

We need to look at the following:

  • Which of them have more resources – source code, libraries, support forums…
  • Are they open-source

A big taboo is to maintain the same business logic in two different languages

Once, an entrepreneur consulted me. His project has two parts: app and website. He wanted to use java to develop the backend of the app and PHP to develop the backend of the website. Two backends to handle the same business. 

I immediately explained: This is going to waste your money and our time. Using one language to handle both backends, that’s more than enough. 

In a system that can be implemented in different development languages

For example, the MVC framework part of the back-end system can use PHP, and if a set of timing task systems needs to be implemented in the back-end, then you can consider using java or python, both of which have mature timing task implementation solutions.

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