Chinese SEO Zhihu Quora – Seo Agency Vancouver

Chinese SEO Zhihu Quora – Seo Agency Vancouver

Chinese SEO Zhihu Quora – Seo Agency Vancouver

I have been doing Zhihu since I was a personal IP in 18 years. Until today, Zhihu still brings me a steady stream of traffic every day. I always think that the value of Zhihu’s traffic is underestimated. Zhihu has the ceiling of the Internet. The quality of users is like a gold mine.

Today’s article comes from a circle friend. He unreservedly shared how he drew 5000 precision fans from 0 to 1 in Zhihu, and successfully realized the operating experience of over 30W in 2 months.

Dozhihu is a platform that requires perseverance in order to harvest. Too much eagerness for quick success will often backfire. Zhihu tends to prefer users who can contribute long-term value.

@ Target One billion: Everyone is friendly, thank the Black Hat brothers for providing this high-quality platform.

Altruism is the greatest self-interest.

So today, I have no reservations, and I will share my experience in full, hoping to be helpful to my friendsand I hope it can generate value for the black hat and the circle of friends.

This sharing will not be bludgeoning, all the data are evidenced by the accompanying pictures.

First, the picture abovepicture one is the income in April

Note: Half of the income in April, which is 30w, came from the monetization of Zhihu’s drainage

Figure 2 is the knowledge matrix of the trader

Description: To prevent risk control, one Zhihu account uses one network

Figure 3 shows the number of friends added after getting up every morning

2. Collect data and analyze problems

Figure 4 shows the collected drainage sticker data

I mentioned in the last share, how to trade an Internet project completely

Dividend period, copy + standardization, matrix operation eats dividends

In the stable period, apprenticeship + teaching, drainage and selling lessons to earn tuition fees

During the recession, look for new growth points, disruptive innovation for growth

Obviously, when the dividend period of a project has passed, it will start to disruptive innovation and teach

All it takes to drain

The biggest advantage of Zhihu is that the traffic is accurate and the ability to pay is high

So I only drained 4897 people (as of the 30th, a month from 0), but realized 30w

After climbing the data, I need to start analyzing. I mainly climbed high-quality posts on the topics of the sideline, making money, part-time job, and entrepreneurship.

But only used posts on the topic of side business, matrix operation.

After getting the data, how to analyze it?

I divided the problem into three levels

(1) Low traffic problem-accumulation of field weight

(2) Medium flow problem-hit the list, be the first

(3) High flow problem-lean, get the long-tail keywords

In my Zhihu Trader, the answer number 50-100 is defined as the first type, the answer number 100-300 is defined as the second type, and the answer number greater than 300 is defined as the third type.

OK, then after sharing the data article, start writing how to start the number.

3. Quick Start-Three Swordsmanship in Weights

1. Personal IP construction in the sideline field

IP is to let people know you better and trust you

(About how to create an Internet personal IP will be shared in detail afterward, it is estimated that there are tens of thousands of words, I have taken a little here)

2. Do domain weight

1. Search for topics related to sideline business, showing that there are precise topics such as sideline business, making money, starting a business, and a part-time jobs.

2. The overall weight of the point into one of the largest, began to see the global authorization. See Figure 

For example, this 194 can be an active respondent, and 1124 can be number one.

3. Data of the job content digitization, according to the official algorithm.

The activity calculation will refer to the four indicators of “answers and articles posted by users on a topic in the past 30 days”

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